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Core Values:

Our Home Warranties Team lives by three core values: Honesty! Dedication! Commitment!

iStock_000004788847_LargeA home warranty from Cobb gives you peace of mind. Covering the repair or replacement of a wide range of appliances and different components in the home, a home warranty allows you to fully enjoy your home without the stress of worrying about the high cost of many repairs. At Cobb Home Warranties, we want to help you get all the enjoyment out of your home while minimizing the headaches that come when important components break down.

No matter how high quality the materials or the manufacturing, everything wears out over time. A home warranty protects you when this happens, when things you need are no longer working as they should be. Unlike most homeowners insurance, which is designed to protect against emergencies, a home warranty covers you for everyday wear and tear – repairs and replacements that you know are coming eventually. Combined with homeowners insurance, a home warranty provides you with confidence that your home is fully protected.

The team at Cobb Home Warranties would be happy to help you discover how affordable a home warranty can be today.