Why Do I need a Home Warranty?

iStock_000060991946_Large1It’s not just about your budget – it’s about having the confidence that a problem is handled before it even occurs. Whether it’s your heating and air conditioning, refrigerator or just the kitchen faucet – appliances and home system components eventually fail. A Cobb Home Warranty can help you avoid the cost of repairs and replacements – but it also relieves you from the frustrations and uncertainties of finding a qualified service contractor.

How Does a Home Warranty Work?

When a covered item breaks down, just follow these simple steps:

Request service online or by calling 520-321-0371.
Once your request is received, one of our contractors will contact you to schedule an appointment.
Your Trade Service Call Fee is due and payable to the contractor when they arrive.
The contractor will diagnose the problem and contact us.
We will determine whether your problem is covered by your home warranty plan then the contractor will repair or replace your equipment.
We will follow up with you by email and/or phone to make sure your problem was resolved to your satisfaction.
We take great pride in finding qualified service contractors to help you.

What is Covered by the Home Warranty Plan?

Unfortunately, we cannot cover everything in your home. You can view a sample Cobb Home Warranty LLC Contract for a specific list of covered items, terms and conditions, limitations and exclusions.