Home Warranties For Buyers And Sellers

iStock_000000081601_Medium1Relocating can be stressful even when everything goes right. Whether you are buying or selling, you are dealing with a lot of different factors that are beyond your control. With a home warranty from Cobb, you have at least one area where you can guarantee you are covered. We offer home warranties that are tailored to real estate transactions, ensuring that your valuable investments is covered throughout the process.

If you are selling your home, we can provide you with a warranty that will guarantee that many unexpected repairs are covered while you are selling. Even if you are no longer be living in the home due to relocation, you know that if many of the major components in your home break down, you can get them repaired quickly to avoid delays in a sale.

If you are buying a home, we offer a warranty to protect you against sudden surprises as you arrive in your new property. Giving you access to qualified contractors, we can help you get your new home in the shape you expect in a short amount of time.

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